US Army Divisional Occupations (PLEASE READ)

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US Army Divisional Occupations (PLEASE READ) Empty US Army Divisional Occupations (PLEASE READ)

Post by BrandonFTW on Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:52 pm

Dear Players,

I regret to inform you that as of this time, divisions will not be allowed. Due to how early the forums have been made and how rapidly they are being updated, as well as the server recently being opened, there is not enough time to worry about divisions and squads being made and controlled. Do not worry, this will be implemented in the future but it will take sometime until the server has grown. Please understand that staff will work hard to getting this worked out as soon as possible, so hang on tight!

Do not go around making small groups or squads and consider them divisions without authorization, this will get you into big trouble. This is a clear warning saying that NO divisions are being allowed. There is a difference between occupations and divisions. More information regarding this subject will be made later and a much more detailed divisional roster will also be made for your use. Hope to see you all in the battlefield!

There will be small divisions here and there that you will see within the server. These divisions are being worked on by staff and will only be occupied by staff at all times, never will players be allowed in them until this has been resolved.


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