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United States Army Rules of Engagement Empty United States Army Rules of Engagement

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United States Army | Rules of Engagement
United States Army Rules of Engagement U.S.+Army+%5BEmblem%5D%5BMilitary+Insignia+3D%5D%5B1.5%5D
Commanders are responsible for developing and issuing ROE. Judge advocates play a significant advisory role in the ROE process, but the ultimate responsibility for the ROE lies with the commander. In the implementation of the SROE and other ROE, commanders have the obligation to ensure that the individuals within that commander’s unit understand when and how they may use force in self-defense.

• Always retain the right to unit and individual self-defense to hostile act or hostile intent.

• US forces remain bound by US treaty obligations even if the other coalition members are not signatories to a treaty and need not adhere to its terms.

• Do not fire into civilian populated areas or buildings unless the enemy is using them for military purposes or if necessary for your self-defense. Minimize collateral damage.

• Disobedience to higher authority will result in departure from military establishment

• Exchange about United States operations and information will result in disciplinary actions and departure from establishment, along with life sentence for disobedience. This is never tolerated.

• Occupying a vehicle will only be granted by a ranked officer of power over Enlisted soldiers. Any soldier caught will be punished.

• Do not engage anyone who has surrendered or is out of battle due to sickness or wounds.

• Treat all civilians and their property with respect and dignity. Do not seize civilian property, including vehicles, unless you have the permission of company level commander and you give receipt to the property’s owner.
Detain civilians if they interfere with mission accomplishment or if required for self-defense.

Attack enemy forces and military targets.
Spare civilian and civilian property, if possible.
Conduct yourself with dignity and honor.
Comply with the Law of War. If you see a violation, report it.
These ROE will remain in effect until your commander orders you to transition to post-hostilities ROE.
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