Server Update (V.1.04.2)

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Server Update (V.1.04.2) Empty Server Update (V.1.04.2)

Post by BrandonFTW on Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:08 pm

Server Downtime: N/A

This will be a late update log for the server but we will try to start implementing this. This update will finish out a lot of the remaining addons and additions to the server, along with some faction issues regarding group coloring, faction spawns, and weapon loadouts. Big update regarding the server.

  • Revised the United States Army Sniper faction, changed from the United Nations color to United States color

  • Revised the Russian Federation Spawn Locations from spawning in buildings

  • Removed United States Task Force Delta

  • Added the United Nations faction

  • Added the ROE for United States

  • Added Drones to help navigate the airspace

  • Added United Nations spawn locations

  • Added new NPC Weapons for events

  • Added content list to server adverts

  • Added Policy and Guidelines for the United Nations

  • Added Global Status (Peacetime, Neutral, Wartime)

  • Added logs for staff
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