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Post by Ghost on Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:06 am

As a staff member at HighRealm Servers you are expected to maintain professionalism and behave at your upmost respectful behavior at all times. Breaking any server or community rules will result in action. Because of your standing you are expected to be a rolemodel for other players. If you do not intend on devoting lengthy hours of your time towards us and bettering our community and/or following theses rules to follow, you may void your staff rank/application now.

    By playing on our server and being a ranking member of staff you hereby agree to all terms on this thread and will abide by all these terms, failure to comply will result in termination of staff position.


1- You NEED to always be respectful to all players, and fellow staff at all times.

2- You NEED to maintain a professional attitude and approach to all situations despite the circumstances.

3- ALWAYS listen and obey your higher ranking staff members.

4- Use the "!warn" system to deal with minging. This way it stores all the warns and reasons on our database for retrieval.

5- You may NEVER ban if you are below Administrator rank, with full photographic proof, copy of the logs, and a witness to what has happened. Admins reserve the right to ban only if absolutely necessary and approval from the "Community Admins+".

6- NOT for any reason should staff below the "Community Administrator" use any
ULX/Staff command or action on their RP character. This includes using permissions granted by ULX and flags given. The only command allowed is /plywhitelist and this may only be done by "Admins+". Metagaming includes noclipping even for a second will not be tolerated for any reason.

7- As a member of staff you are NOT excluded from RP rules and/or gameplay and you will be treated just the same. RP characters with higher ranks are your superiors and you will be obedient to their orders, you do NOT get special treatment. You are expected to be a perfect example on how to RP and behave in a RP environment/community.

8- You are NEVER to abuse any staff powers on your "on Duty" character. This means only use the commands and actions you are authorized to execute. Staff actions should never disrupt RP or interrupt anything. You are never to use * when using ULX commands unless authorized by
"Community Admins+".

9- NEVER RP as your staff on duty!

10- Learn all the RP/Community Rules and become familiar with all members of our staff.

11- Increase and improve our playerbase! Get people to join our group and sign up on our forums.

12- NEVER ask for a staff promotion!

13- Do NOT share or use staff powers amongst your friends/family/players who are not amongst our staff team.

14- Do NOT physgun players without a valid explanation to why you are doing so.

15- Be dedicated and active and encourage RP on the server!

16- If you intend on being gone for an extended amount of time let the the
Senior Community Staff know with a valid reason.

17- If you are having a problem with a fellow staff member please contact a
"Community Admin +"

18- You are NOT to spawn in vehicles into the game if you're RPing and you're not to switch to "on Duty" and switch over just to spawn vehicles/weapons.

-If you're having an issue with any member of staff you may fill out a staff report or schedule a sit with the Community Owner or Community Manager. These sits are completely confidential and all discussed here will be completely private.

Failure to comply to any/all of the terms stated above can and will result in punishment or termination from staff. If terminated from staff for breaking TOS you must wait a minimum of 1 month before reapplying depending on severity of the situation. We hold the right to
remove/change staff rank for any reason we deem necessary. All staff must follow these guidelines. If there are any questions please contact senior staff via steam or forums.
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