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Divisional Occupation Openings Empty Divisional Occupation Openings

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Divisional Occupation Openings Globe_flag_transparent
National Divisional Openings
All divisions provided in the following list are all official and accepted into the server. Any division that is not included means they are still under review and has not been added into the server. All information provided are final.

Official Divisions
:: United States Army ::
United States Rangers (Open)
United States Special Forces (Open)
United States Juggernauts (Closed)
United States Combat Medics (In Development)
United States Military Police (Open)
United States Snipers (Closed)
United States Pilots (Open)
United States Army Technician (Closed)

:: Taliban Insurgents ::
Taliban Soldier (Open)
Taliban Sniper (In Development)
Taliban Explosives Specialist (In Development)

:: Russian Ground Forces ::
Russian Juggernaut (Closed)
Russian Combat Medic (In Development)
Russian Military Police (Open)
Russian Snipers (Closed)
Russian Pilots (Open)
Russian Technician (Closed)

:: United Nations ::
UN Soldier (Closed)
UN Weapon Specialist (In Development)
UN Vehicle Specialist (In Development)
UN Drone Specialist (In Development)

Accepted Divisions
:: United States Army ::
United States Tombstone Division (Closed)
United States Delta Force Division (In Development)
United States Task Force 141 Division (In Development)

:: Taliban Insurgents ::
Taliban Spies Division (In Development)

:: Russian Ground Forces ::
Russian Spetsnaz Division (Closed)
Russian Reapers Division (In Development)
Russian Red Devils Division (In Development)

:: United Nations ::
UN Peacekeeper Division (In Development)
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