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Post by Jonathantorres8 on Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:41 pm

I think that sense most admin don't get on I think u guys should add more admin because I know we don't get a lot of rcts but when there is some there aren't any admin to whitelist and also u guys need to start getting on the server if u guys wanna grow bigger which I'm always on by my safe lol one thing I say that can make us big is making more events , post more on the steam community like make a date on when is are next event or announcement saying we are having an event everyone come join but the thing is we have 100+ on our steam community but only about 8- 10 people get on so I would say kick them sense they aren't gonna get on the server but at the same time I wouldn't say kick them maybe just message them saying if u are able to get on the server more often pls do because we need more people yet another way is youtube I don't have a channel but I'm saying if delta would like to make videos on his channel for us that would be great but people have to be on and playing in the server and that's if he wants to also we can invite more people form DRS I really want to make this server big but we cant if no one gets on I want to be able to say I remember when there was only 8 people on this server and look at us now lol


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