Website Update (V.1.02.1)

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Website Update (V.1.02.1) Empty Website Update (V.1.02.1)

Post by BrandonFTW on Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:41 pm

Website Downtime: 11:00PM CST(12/14) -> 4:00AM CST(12/15)

This revises some of the issues regarding the player ranking and command issues dealing with staff. This also revises the theme once again due to issues with threads being posted and hard to read texts.

  • Changes to the theme

  • Changes to the command restrictions for staff

  • Added new abilities for certain staff ranks

  • Added a new Forum picture

  • Removed the old theme

  • Removed old command abilities and replaced with new and more advanced commands

  • Removed chatbox due to issues involving mobile devices
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