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Adam's Staff Application Empty Adam's Staff Application

Post by Adam Hall on Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:42 pm

Personal Information
* Provide your character names:
United States: Adam Hall
Russian Federation: Niko Varushkin
United Nations: N/A

* Provide your steam name and real first name: Steam name: johnburd, Real first name: John

* What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:102283517

* How old are you: 16

What country do you live in: United States

* What time zone do you live in: Central

* Do you have a working microphone: Yes

Are you experienced with ULX: Yes

Application Information
(3 sentences minimum for each of the following questions)
* What experience (if any) do you have with Nutscript: I have plenty of experience with Nutscript. I previously staff on not only Deathrow, but also Brandon's WW2 server as the Community Manager. Both of these servers ran on Nutscript, and during my staffing there I learned the ins and outs of Nutscript. It's been a little while since I last was staff on a Nutscript-based server, but I don't think it would be terribly hard and I would just need a simple refresher.

Why would you like to become staff: I would like to become staff because ever since Deathrow and Brandon's server went away I've really just an un-busy schedule with nothing to occupy my time and keep me busy. I have gone and went through many different servers trying to find a new community to call home, but to no avail. At-least until now.

What makes you different from any other applicant: I have lots of experience with staffing and working with the current staff members of HighRealm. I'm also already friends with most of the staff members at HighRealm. Lots of the players that will be coming onto the server will remember me and know me and see me as a friendly face, and an easy person to talk to if they need any assistance.

* How well do you handle stressful situations and how would you control them: I handle stressful situations extremely well because I have been placed in many different stressful situations and scenarios. In a stressful situation I simply adapt to the circumstances and make the best of a bad situation. I see it this way; It's already a stressful and bad situation, don't make it anymore stressful.

* How long have you been apart of the community: Since it released.

Did any staff recommend you to apply: Ghost.

Senario Questions
* You notice two players killing each other for fun at their respective base. How would you handle this situation.
-- I would handle this situation by noclipping to the admin room and teleporting both players. I would simply question the both of them, tell them the rule infractions that they're breaking, and ask them why they broke that rule. Then I would go from there.

* You realize that there is a player killing other players at spawn before they can react. When you pull the suspect out to discuss the situation, he explains that he did not know there was a spawn there. He was only there for about 3 minutes. What can you do and how would you handle this situation to see if he is saying the truth.
--Return him to the place that he was at, then spectate him and see if he continues doing it. If he doesn't continue, allow him to resume playing. If he does continue, take action.

* You notice a player asking for help in the admin chat, how would you handle this situation.
--Bring him to the admin room and ask him what he needs assistance with.

* You notice two players acting foolishly during a meeting at one of the bases, they are constantly talking and disrespecting the commanding officers. What do you do during this situation.
--Pull them out of the formation into the admin room and question them, and ask them why they're minging. Warn them, and if they continue to minge and purposely disrespect commanding officers take more action, such as a kick or ban based on the severity of the situation.

Like a Star @ heaven Do you pledge to give the truth and only the truth on this application and that if you abuse or dishonor the staff position, you are subject to termination from staff.
Adam Hall

Like a Star @ heaven Let it be known, we have the right to terminate your application or rank at any time for any reason
Adam Hall

Like a Star @ heaven Do you understand that you must be active and helpful to the community whenever needed and must attend all manditory meetings
Adam Hall

Like a Star @ heaven Do you understand that if your application is denied, you must wait a minimum of 7 days before applying again
Adam Hall

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Adam's Staff Application Empty Re: Adam's Staff Application

Post by Ghost on Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:20 am

I did not recommend you, I simply pointed you towards the forums.
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